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✟ "He gave me a new song to sing. 𝄞 

It is a song of praise to our God.   

Many people will see and have respect for the LORD.   

They will put their trust in Him." 

Psalm 40:3

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Sue Yurkanin

Child of The Living God

Lover of God's Word


Sue Yurkanin was born in Scranton, PA.  

Music was always a part of her life.

Family and friends with musical talent would come to the house to perform together in the "music room."  
She learned guitar from her father at an early age,

and had a love for piano from listening to her grandmother play and sing.  

Soon, she was writing songs and performing

at local venues -

school musicals, churches, and community events.

Sue married her high school sweetheart, Drew, who also had a great appreciation for music, and they were blessed with the gift of two sons, Andrew and Adam.  

Their home also had its own "music room," where family and friends with musical talent would gather

to perform together.

Sue's passion for songwriting grew,

when she came to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

Music became the way for her to share the message of the life-change she experienced,

and to teach the Word of God through her songs.  

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